Private Vault


Private Vault allows vendors to send the product to the buyer in private. 

To send the product  to the customer privately,  go to “My Account”, and click on “Store Manager”


Go to “Products” on the left side. Click on the product you’d like to send,  mark it as “private product”, and press submit. 


Next, go to “Private Vaults”, and click “Add New”.


Fill in the name, the customer’s email, expiry date, and product name. You can upload up to 4 products in 1 vault. 


The customer will receive an email with the link to the product and a password.


The customer will be asked to fill in the password


Then the customer will  be directed to the product page where they will be able to purchase the product. If the customer doesn’t purchase the product before the expiry date, the vendors will have to send the link to them again.